Eric Sholes has a PhD in Engineering Management, which mashes together traditional engineering disciplines with systems engineering, business/management, and organizational sciences for application in high technology fields . He also holds an MBA and a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. He currently manages teams that conduct R&D activities in the aerospace/defense industry. His favorite band is needtobreathe, by a large margin. His favorite actor is Dule’ Hill, but exclusively when paired with James Roday.

John Braswell is a practicing Engineering Manager in the aerospace and defense industry. He holds a PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering-Engineering Management, a Master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering- Engineering Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering.  John’s interests are in expertise development, employee training and development, the role of personality traits in development, and applied statistics. Outside of the workplace, John has enjoyed applying his research to coaching both teeball and High School baseball.

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