The Purposeful Manager

An EM Legend Departs: Thanks Dr. Utley!

Teaching is a hopeful endeavor.  A good teacher impacts the life of a student far beyond the sometimes short time they share together.  A great teacher leaves an impression which impacts those around their students and even several degrees beyond.... Continue Reading →

Expertise in Action: What Does Elite Performance Look Like?

Posts in this series: Intro   Part 1: Comfort Zone   Part 2: Feedback   Part 3: Elite Performance Who is the best in the world at your job? Have you ever even thought about that? What makes them better than everyone else? Is it their skills, abilities, knowledge, effort, or all of the above? Today we are going […]

Passing Thoughts: Retirement Dissatisfaction?

Over the last 5 years or so, I have known a handful of co-workers in the final few years of their career.  I know they were eagerly anticipating retirement.  Once they announced retirement dates, they would occasionally (and sometimes, a... Continue Reading →

Expertise in Action: Feedback and Improvement

When was the last time you got actionable feedback on any task in any part of your life? I can take a guess. So why is giving actionable feedback so difficult? Is it even worth the trouble? In this post... Continue Reading →

The People vs. Seagull Manger: Plaintiff’s View

In a previous post we briefly introduced the phenomenon of seagull management.  Now, here is an story that tells of an occasion I fell victim to a seagull manager. I was a very young employee, just a few months into... Continue Reading →

Expertise in Action: The Importance of the Comfort Zone and Development

I have been lucky in that I have had the opportunity to be a coach and project manager while learning the expertise material. It has given me the opportunity to apply different approaches in multiple settings and see the results. It has been... Continue Reading →

Beware of the Seagull (and Becoming One)

You may have heard the term seagull manager. If not, the description is pretty simple: viewed from the perspective of the employee, a seagull manager is one who flies in once in a while, poops on everything, and then leaves.... Continue Reading →

Employee Skills and Baseball Cards

As a kid I collected a lot of baseball cards. I spent endless hours looking through them, comparing players' stats, and checking the cards' value. Recently I started thinking about baseball cards again, but this time for a slightly different... Continue Reading →

Purposeful + Management = ?

I distinctly remember the moment I went from being generally frustrated by the discipline of organizational sciences to being utterly fascinated.  My focus in education and the early phase of my career had been solidly on understanding and developing complex... Continue Reading →

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